Family Album: Synopsis

Cast: 1 male / 4 female plus 2 non-speaking male roles
Running time (approximate):
To be announced
Availability: Family Album is not available for production.
Acting Edition:
Family Album has not been published.

Brochure Synopsis


John Stanton (29, a warehouse supervisor)
Peggy Stanton (27, a housewife)
Sandra Dickens (48, a former teacher)
Alison Stanton-Hicks (40, a freelance graphic designer)
Jess Stanton-Hicks (38, A BBC Researcher)
"Now we’re leaving… all the skeletons are suddenly jumping out of their cupboards."

A moving-in day, 1952.

A birthday party, 1992.

A moving-out day, 2022.

Join RAF veteran John and housewife Peggy as they proudly move into the first home they can really call their own; daughter Sandra, frantically negotiating the challenges of a 10-year-old’s birthday party without her AWOL husband; and grandaughter Alison, finally escaping the house she has somewhat unwillingly inherited.

Alan Ayckbourn’s new play tenderly chronicles the trials, tribulations and temptations of three generations of one family across 70 years in the same home.

A full synopsis for Family Album will be published during Autumn 2022.