Family Album: Significant Productions

This page contains details of significant productions of Alan Ayckbourn's Family Album.

World Premiere (2022)

First performance: 2 September 2022
World premiere: 6 September 2022
Final performance: 1 October 2022
Venue: Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough
Staging: Round

Director: Alan Ayckbourn
Design: Kevin Jenkins
Lighting: Jason Taylor
Sound: Alan Ayckbourn
Sound Associate: Paul Stear
Casting: Sarah Hughes CDC

Deputy Stage Manager: Sue Volans
Assistant Stage Manager: Jude Deeno
Assistant Stage Manager: David Lomond
John Stanton
Peggy Stanton
Sandra Dickens
Alison Stanton-Hicks
Jess Stanton-Hicks
Removal Men
Antony Eden
Georgia Burnell
Frances Marshall
Elizabeth Boag
Tanya-Loretta Dee
Jude Deeno
David Lomond


The role of the two - silent -removal men, present in the 1952 and 2022 aspects of the play were played by the Assistant Stage Managers.
All research for this page by Simon Murgatroyd.