Family Album: History

Family Album is Alan Ayckbourn's 87th produced full-length play and was written during the winter of 2021 specifically for the Stephen Joseph Theatre for the summer of 2022.

It follows three generations of the same family in 1952, 1992 and 2022 in the family home. For the first time in an Ayckbourn play, three different time periods will occur simultaneously. The play is written for a cast of four females and one man.

It was in part inspired by the BBC series
A House Through Time in which the various inhabitants of a single house are researched over centuries. Although the idea has similarities with his play A Brief History of Women (2017), here the emphasis is on three generations of one family that have occupied the same house, rather than the story of one man and the house he becomes associated with.

The playwright also condensed the span of time being covered to roughly correlate with his own lifetime. Alan was aged 13 when the play starts and it draws on his own experiences and observations throughout his life.

Family Album will open at the Stephen Joseph Theatre, Scarborough, on 6 September and run throughout the month. It is expected it will go on a short in-the-round tour immediately following its initial run.

More details to follow soon…